The founding team of a hypergrowth company faces a set of unique challenges. The Invincible Collective brings together accomplished entrepreneurs, coaches and experts to help founders and their teams overcome their growth challenges. We share a common vision: to create the next generation of Quebec unicorns.

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Growth Coaching

Real gateway to the ecosystem of coaches and experts, our team is committed to finding the best resources to meet your business needs.

Peer network

You are not alone in experiencing growth challenges; meet other entrepreneurs who are going through the same pains as yours.


Develop a culture of hypergrowth within your team by participating in conferences held by local and international experts.

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Building a High Caliber Entrepreneurial Community

Access qualified resources to resolve your challenges and maximize the success of your accelerated growth.

Benefit from the Expertise of Accomplished Entrepreneurs

Specialists in diagnosis, the entrepreneurs in residence will help you identify your growth challenges and access the right resource.

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Josée Desjardins

Project Manager

Valérie Forget

Director Invincible Collective

Gabriel Carriere

Innovation analyst

Alexandra Maier

Director of Communications

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